Well, you all know by now that I don’t have perfect skin! I suffer from breakouts, texture issues, enlarged pores, sometimes my skin gets shiny AF — and while that’s bad news for me, it’s GREAT NEWS for you!

MOST of the beauty gurus online have really great skin. Like, these are the types of people that get a pimple a year and cry about it for 3 months. I roll my eyes but secretly envy them! LOL

Those with perfect skin are lucky that they not only don’t need to wear foundation but that when they do decide to put some on, they’re still gonna look fabulous. Girls like myself aren’t as lucky and we have to be extremely picky about what we put on our face because some things can just make our skin look even worse!

So in this video, I decided to get real UP CLOSE & PERSONAL with you guys! Be prepared to see my naked face just inches away from the camera’s lens so that you can see how this foundation covers and how it looks on my skin. I even showed you what it looks like in DAYLIGHT! Aren’t I brave? LOL

To be honest, my skin has looked way worse than this in my lifetime and I’m sure there are others that have even more major skin issues, but I felt like this would give you all a better review to work with so that you can decide if this foundation is right for you!

Speaking of right for you, I asked those of you who have tried the foundation and DIDN’T like it, to share your experiences. You guys were REALLY helpful! Here are some signs this foundation might NOT be ideal for you:


Who Is Kyle Moon is my own jewelry line with pieces that are designed and handmade by me! Some items are one-of-a-kind and some are made with vintage pieces. Anyone that has ordered from my line knows that it's a very personal experience & that it brings me great joy to bring you sparkly things.


The one thing I haven’t understood since graduating high school was the universal “Monday Dread.” When I was a kid, Monday meant the weekend was over and I’d have to wake up early for school. As I mentioned in my Draw My Life, I always did very well in school but it wasn’t really something I looked forward to. I knew that the majority of the things we were being taught weren’t going to be useful to any of us by the time we were out in the real world come adulthood. Honestly, I think I only did well because I was embarrassed that I would look dumb if I didn’t. I didn’t want people to think I couldn’t get an A in any damn class.

For so many, however, that “Monday Dread” got carried over into adulthood. I’ll see it all over instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. every Sunday — “Ugh, tomorrow’s Monday!” “I can’t believe the weekend is over!” “I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow!” Then on Monday morning — “#MONDAYSUCKS!” “Heading to work! FML!” “Is it Friday yet?” “Already can’t wait for the weekend!” And to be perfectly honest, most people that don’t think that way, see those statuses & captions and can’t help but pass judgement.

You’re probably thinking that the only people that don’t think that way must be rich, or don’t have a boss, or don’t have a job, or any other excuse. Speaking from my own personal experience, as an adult, I have never once given a shit if it was Monday tomorrow before I had any financial success, while I had a boss, while I wasn’t “working”, etc. And I have known a handful (granted a very small one) of others who have felt the same way. The answer is simple — we don’t get trapped doing shit we don’t want to do UNLESS it’s to give ourselves the opportunity to continue to do what we want to do.



I’m such a fan of Ashley Graham’s look. Physically, she’s a very beautiful woman, however, her confidence and bold femininity are what I like about her most. I thought the photoshoot she did for ELLE Canada was gorgeous & I was totally inspired to recreate it. Really, any excuse to wear my hair wet on purpose works for me! LOL Keep reading for photos from the shoot, a video tutorial on how to get the look for yourself, & some strange ass lashes they keep putting on Ashley!






So I was recently watching Cruel Intentions on Fullscreen.com. This was probably the 100th time I’ve seen this movie in my life (I swear I can recite every line from memory!) but this time it really got me thinking about revenge…Sometimes the best revenge is just looking really good! LOL

This look was loosely inspired by the film & its main character, Kathryn, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Total 90s nostalgia! This is a modern bombshell look. A great look for a night out, taking a perfect selfie, a hot date, special event, etc. Hope you liked it!

P.S. – The Cruel Intentions soundtrack is one of my favorites.

Here’s the trailer in case you’ve never seen the film!:



Every girl’s favorite Snapchat Filter — the cute dog! This is hands down one of my favorite filters Snapchat has ever come out with. I pray it never goes away! Although, I wish they’d make a cute kitten (I know they had one at one point, but I wasn’t a fan.) This can be a little tricky to recreate as it requires a really big tongue and ears…this was something I did for fun. I know it’s not perfect (I’m new to the whole face-painting thing!)