Black Swan Makeup Tutorial

December 16, 2010


I primed my face with Lancome’s La Base Pro.

The white I used on the face was from the Makeup Forever Flash Palette (seriously, every makeup artist NEEDS this palette! Make sure to use a primer if you’re putting it on your eyes because it will crease.)

I set that with Makeup Forever HD powder. (Smells like Fresh Step Kitty Litter to me but it’s truly translucent and works well so I used it!)

The black liner I used to sketch the shape was Lancome’s Le Crayon Khol in “Black Ebony”.

Then I filled almost the entire area of the eyes with the black from the Makeup Forever Flash Palette. I also put on some MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack” on the main eyelid area because the Flash palette tends to crease sometimes.

Then, I took a thin little brush, and applied some of MAC “Silver” pigment in feathery strokes. A trick is to dampen the brush a little bit with water or a mixing medium to make the silver pigment more like a paint.

Then I traced along the lower lashline with red eyeshadow from one of those 120 palettes.

Because I didn’t have any red contact lenses, and because I am afraid of contact lenses in general — I lined my waterline with red. Natalie’s seems to be lined with a white, or light color, so to kind of get a similar effect I ran a tiny bit of silver underneath my own lashline.

For the cheeks, I first used Lancome blush in “Mauve Coquette” because in certain photos it looks like she has some color there, but in the poster it looks more like a grey to me. So I just went over that a bit with some grey.

For the lips I used three different lip colors but feel free to improvise and use what you have. The first color I used was Makeup Forever’s Rouge Intense in “#48” (the red), then I went in with “#49” (a purple), and then I went with a little of “#50” (a black). You can even use black eyeliner if you don’t have lipstick. The point was, here lips in the poster look like the anti-perfect red lip. They almost look bloody, bruised, and just slightly blurred along the edge of the lower lip.


On the eyes, makeup artist Judy Chin used MAC Chromaline in black and went over the top of that with MAC Pigment in “Silver”. She used a red Chromaline underneath the lower lashline.

On the lips she used, MAC Lip Liner in “Vino” and MAC Lipstick in “Dubonnet”.

For the face, she said she used a pale ivory shade of foundation all over with some white mixed in for the highlight areas.

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