Before & After: Project Organization

September 26, 2011

Hello, gorgeous!

The crazier your life gets, the crazier your home can get. The past few months have been some of the busiest of my life. Needless to say, putting things away and making space for new stuff was not at the top of my list. Eventually, stuff was piling up around me like crazy! Boxes and packages, mail, books, magazines, makeup, clothing, etc. were everywhere and out of place! I was starting to feel quite overwhelmed in my surroundings. Definitely wasn’t helping me be productive. So, I decided to makeover my home and get rid of clutter – or at least give it a designated space! Over the past week or so, I’ve been working on trying to get my home as organized as possible. Any free hour or two where I’m not exhausted, I get my butt up and find some part of my home to organize. My closets and drawers are a work in progress and by that I mean, even if I organized everything and gave away things I no longer use, I still don’t have enough room to fit everything that I own. So until I figure out that situation, I’ll share other areas of my home that I have organized and hopefully give you some inspiration to do the same!

 These sixty-ish nail polishes were all tossed around in a small drawer that was also filled with stray cotton balls and old disposable nail files. I emptied the drawer completely, and tossed out any old nail polishes that were no longer good or practically empty, and any other junk that got mixed up with them.

I then went ahead and put in a small plastic bin (you can find these at the dollar store!) and set that aside as a spot for my cotton balls, nail tools like files and clippers, top coat, and any polish that I am currently wearing a lot and would like to have easy access to for touch-ups. Then, I lined up all the polishes, grouping them by brands. The way they are positioned and thanks to unflattering-to-humans overhead lighting, I can still see what color each bottle has in it so it’s easy for me to find what I want.

This drawer was driving me crazy for the past month. Because of what I do, I get sent a lot of product from various brands. It’s absolutely one of the best perks about my “job”, however, if I’m not careful this is what happens. A MESS! This drawer mainly contains only about a month’s worth of products sent to me, although it is sprinkled with some things I either didn’t know where else to put or I had purchased recently like little lashes and that knock-off of Too Faced’s palette that I found at Mandee’s and just had to see for myself. For $7, it’s honestly pretty good but the quality is nowhere as good as the real thing. But, that’s a different story for a different time.

As you can probably tell, those little plastic bins from the dollar store are some of my favorite things to use for organizing makeup. They’re cheap and just the right size to get the job done. I live in New York and I haven’t paid more than $1.50 for each one. Some were just a flat 99 cents. Getting organized doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. I know you might ask why a lot of it is still in boxes, but sometimes, I like to have backups of products I love or I like to give something to a friend or a family member (*cough* My Mom *cough*) and keeping things in boxes helps me keep track of what I haven’t used yet.

I’ve been continuing to make small changes and each time, I’m left feeling accomplished, more in control, and best of all, free! Getting rid of clutter and getting things organized really lifts a weight off my back. Knowing where things are, and having more free space on desks and other surfaces, and even the floor, makes me feel a lot more relaxed. Clutter just makes me feel constricted.

So that’s it so far for my organizing! However, if you’re like me and live for before and after photos, let me know if you’d like me to keep you updated on what else I organize.

xo Jess



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