Bride of Chucky Halloween Makeup Transformation Tutorial!

October 19, 2011

I’ve been wanting to transform myself into Tiffany for YEARS! These are the kinds of moments that make me really thankful for YouTube because, honestly, when else would I have an excuse to dress up as all these crazy characters just for fun? Haha Growing up, I loved movies. Of course I loved Disney movies, but I  always especially loved horror movies. And Chucky movies were some of my favorites! I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl. I remember when Bride of Chucky came out in theaters. I was 8 and made my father take me to go see it because my mom was too scared of horror movies to take me. Haha Crazy, huh? I’d like to think I turned out okay and am kind of happy my parents didn’t really censor what I could watch too much as a kid. Anyway… I instantly fell in love with Tiffany because even though she was a crazy murderess, she had a heart! Plus, I was always a sucker for transformation scenes and I always loved the part where Tiffany just becomes a doll and gives herself a makeover!

xoxo Jess




Brows were flattened against the skin using a glue stick and then covered with foundation and powder. (Foundation is Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra + Powder is Lancome’s Dual Finished Pressed Powder. I realize Tiffany lived in a trailer and probably wouldn’t be able to afford Lancome stuff…but I’m sure Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t afford a quarter of her shoe collection just from her little column, either!)

Brown eyeliner for the brows. I think I used Lancome.

120 Eyeshadow Palette (4th Edition) from (Inexpensive & Tons of colors to create just about any look! Great for Halloween! Get one, get your friends together, and have a Halloween Makeover party! Haha)

Matte White Eyeshadow (only thing not from the palette but I’m sure most people have this as it’s almost as much of a staple as matte black eyeshadow.)

Lancome Artliner in “Noir” (Again, Tiffany probably can’t afford Lancome, but I just reach for what I have! Haha)

Maybelline “The Falsies” Mascara

Top Lashes are Elite #18 False Lashes (I find these in Duane Reade in NYC. Anything that looks long and wispy will work fine.)

Bottom Lashes are Red Cherry #33 False Lashes (Specifically designed for the lower lashline. LOVE these!)



Contoured using a brown eyeshadow a couple of shades darker than my skintone. Use something matte because you’re essentially creating shadows and don’t want to reflect light. You can use a darker pressed powder, or a darker eyeshadow, even a bronzer. Just make sure to blend so that it doesn’t look like stripes all over your face. Less is more.

I also forgot to put on blush, just use something like a deep pink and apply it high up on the cheek, focusing most of the color far back towards the hairline. Look at pictures of Tiffany for an idea. Her blush almost comes out from under her eyes, almost as an extension of eye shadow.


Brown Eyeliner (same one I used on brows. Blended it in a little and then went in with lipstick.)

Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in #49 (Deep, dark plum. Mixed in with the brown liner gave the perfect color!)



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