August 16, 2015


The key to pulling off an almost entirely see-through outfit? Act as if it’s the most normal thing anyone could ever wear.

Hello gorgeous,
Not too long ago, I was invited to Féria’s #LiveInColor event by L’Oréal. I was mainly there to check out the performances by ASTR & Elliphant as discovering new music acts is always something I’m up for.  The first up was ASTR wearing my favorite of the new Féria shades, “Power Copper”.

Microsoft Word - THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL.docx

One of the models in Feria’s “Power Copper.” Random fact: I always wanted red hair.

“To wear red, you have to be spicy,” says Zoe, the singer of ASTR, in her Live in Color video. Watching both performances and witnessing the out-of-this-world confidence of these girls got me thinking about how I developed and sometimes even had to earn back my confidence to put myself out there throughout my life.

Microsoft Word - THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL.docx

When I was growing up, I was always criticized for my behavior and attitude. I was always the one to challenge a thought, an idea, a rule. I asked questions. I used logic and reasoning. If you’ve seen my Draw My Life video, you’ll know that I attended a religious private school, so needless to say, my inquisitive, curious, outspoken spirit was all but celebrated.

Microsoft Word - THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL.docx

Fast forward to my late teens when I started dating and eventually ended up having a boyfriend. As most relationships go, the beginning was smooth-sailing. He was very supportive of me pursuing my dreams of being in front of the camera by experimenting with making YouTube videos, a bold move in and of itself. (I wanted to make makeup tutorials. Throughout most of my tween-teen years, I was never really the “pretty” girl.  I definitely got by on my loud personality, confidence, and unparalleled sense of humor.) Eventually, I started to grow more and more successful and my confidence naturally began to flourish (nothing boosts self-esteem quite like some accomplishments). It was at this point that he went from being my biggest cheerleader to being downright resentful of me.

I remember a number of occasions where we would go out with a group of friends and then when it’d be just the two of us in the car ride on the way back, he’d be criticizing and dissecting every word that came out of my mouth; “Why would you ask her that question?” “How dare you say that?” “That joke was inappropriate.” Over the course of some months, I noticed that I was retreating into some sort of metaphorical shell. I’m no turtle, I don’t do shells. I don’t dull my shine down for anybody and I would never ask anyone else to dull theirs for me. I dumped him and moved onto the next in what could only be compared to the blink of an eye.

Microsoft Word - THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL.docx

Despite the instances where my boldness has rubbed some the wrong way, it’s all a part of who I am and has gotten me farther in every area of my life. Trust me when I say it pays to be bold. It pays to take chances. It pays to try something different. Bold doesn’t have to mean being louder than everyone else, or being the most flamboyant, although it’s a lot of fun. Bold is as simple as doing what you want to do, saying what you want to say, and wearing what you want to wear. Maybe you’re a “Power Copper” or a “Power Violet” and luckily, Feria makes it easy for you to find out.

*This post is in collaboration with L’Oréal & Style Coalition.

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