What SO MANY of Us Girls Take For Granted

September 8, 2015


From as far back as I can remember up until now, I cannot recall a single girl I’ve ever known that hasn’t ever brought up the subject of hair in conversation. Every female friend or relative I’ve ever had has at some point talked about their hair – what they love about it, what they wish was different, what they plan on doing to it.


A woman’s hair is always telling a story. Her hair is, in many ways, an extension of herself. We’ve all witnessed at least one girl cry over a haircut that didn’t go as planned. Some of us have been that girl. While bald can be daringly beautiful, many women feel their hair is a large part of their femininity.

It’s a common scene in any woman’s life: experimenting with boxed dyes over our bathroom sinks, risking the health of our hair and potentially hundreds of dollars at the salon the next day to try to fix what we probably should have left to a professional in the first place. At that same moment, other women just like you and others you know are being robbed of their locks by illness and disease.

If you’re a woman that loves her own hair, it’s impossible not to have sympathy and compassion for another that’s lost all of hers. Join the Pantene Beautiful Lengths #8or8 challenge by going to their site and finding out how you can help make a difference in another woman’s life right now.

September 8th is National Donate Your Hair Day. While my hair is super-long, it’s unfortunately not virgin (remember my ombre experiment?) so instead, I donated my own money to the cause. You have the option of donating 8 inches of your hair or $8 (or more, if you wish) to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths cause. To donate, click here.


*This post is a promotion for Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths #8or8 Campaign.

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