IS IT WORTH THE HYPE? | Urban Decay ALL NIGHTER Foundation

September 17, 2016


Well, you all know by now that I don’t have perfect skin! I suffer from breakouts, texture issues, enlarged pores, sometimes my skin gets shiny AF — and while that’s bad news for me, it’s GREAT NEWS for you!

MOST of the beauty gurus online have really great skin. Like, these are the types of people that get a pimple a year and cry about it for 3 months. I roll my eyes but secretly envy them! LOL

Those with perfect skin are lucky that they not only don’t need to wear foundation but that when they do decide to put some on, they’re still gonna look fabulous. Girls like myself aren’t as lucky and we have to be extremely picky about what we put on our face because some things can just make our skin look even worse!

So in this video, I decided to get real UP CLOSE & PERSONAL with you guys! Be prepared to see my naked face just inches away from the camera’s lens so that you can see how this foundation covers and how it looks on my skin. I even showed you what it looks like in DAYLIGHT! Aren’t I brave? LOL

To be honest, my skin has looked way worse than this in my lifetime and I’m sure there are others that have even more major skin issues, but I felt like this would give you all a better review to work with so that you can decide if this foundation is right for you!

Speaking of right for you, I asked those of you who have tried the foundation and DIDN’T like it, to share your experiences. You guys were REALLY helpful! Here are some signs this foundation might NOT be ideal for you:

  • If your skin is on the drier side, this foundation is probably not going to be the love of your life! Because it’s not very hydrating at all, you may find it clings to some of the drier patches and makes them more obvious.
  • This is marketed as a long-wear foundation which typically relates to those that have oilier skin. (Oily skin breaks down foundation & makeup much more quickly than dry skin!) Some said they felt it was very long-lasting, others with very oily said it wasn’t much more long-lasting than a typical foundation. On myself, it lasts quite a long time but my skin is more combination than oily as of recently.
  • It oxidizes. It’s important to note than oxidization is something that takes place when the ingredients in your foundation don’t “play nice” with the PH levels in your skin. If most foundations oxidize on you, it’s likely that your skin is more acidic. I rarely have too many issues with foundations oxidizing on myself, so I didn’t notice anything alarming with this one. Again, everyone is different & it’s highly recommended to test some of this foundation in a store & give it some time to see how it reacts with your skin. This is actually ideal for any foundation you might have your eye on in general.

Thanks to everyone that commented & shared their 2 cents! This is one of my most favorite foundations for when I want something full-coverage & long-lasting. Remember, a little bit goes a long way!

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