September 12, 2016


The one thing I haven’t understood since graduating high school was the universal “Monday Dread.” When I was a kid, Monday meant the weekend was over and I’d have to wake up early for school. As I mentioned in my Draw My Life, I always did very well in school but it wasn’t really something I looked forward to. I knew that the majority of the things we were being taught weren’t going to be useful to any of us by the time we were out in the real world come adulthood. Honestly, I think I only did well because I was embarrassed that I would look dumb if I didn’t. I didn’t want people to think I couldn’t get an A in any damn class.

For so many, however, that “Monday Dread” got carried over into adulthood. I’ll see it all over instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. every Sunday — “Ugh, tomorrow’s Monday!” “I can’t believe the weekend is over!” “I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow!” Then on Monday morning — “#MONDAYSUCKS!” “Heading to work! FML!” “Is it Friday yet?” “Already can’t wait for the weekend!” And to be perfectly honest, most people that don’t think that way, see those statuses & captions and can’t help but pass judgement.

You’re probably thinking that the only people that don’t think that way must be rich, or don’t have a boss, or don’t have a job, or any other excuse. Speaking from my own personal experience, as an adult, I have never once given a shit if it was Monday tomorrow before I had any financial success, while I had a boss, while I wasn’t “working”, etc. And I have known a handful (granted a very small one) of others who have felt the same way. The answer is simple — we don’t get trapped doing shit we don’t want to do UNLESS it’s to give ourselves the opportunity to continue to do what we want to do.

We all have to do things that aren’t “fun” or really all that “enjoyable.” Even when you’re “doing what you love” you’re going to have to do quite a lot of un-fun things — often daily. But if you’re not working towards your passion, something you really want to do, then of course Mondays are going to be draining and dreadful. But that’s the point. Monday is just a day. With the same amount of hours as a Friday or a Saturday. The only differences is perhaps scheduling — Friday nights: most people are out drinking and partying, Saturdays: most people either have off or will go out on Saturday night (sometimes AGAIN) because they won’t have to wake up early on Sunday, Sundays: Most people have off and can sleep in but ugh, it’s Monday tomorrow so Sunday still kind of sucks!


If you’re living for the weekend and dreading the days you have to put your head down and apply yourself 100% (which btw, are you really applying yourself 100% on any damn day, regardless of if you’re at work or not?) then you have to really reevaluate your life because you’re wasting it. You’re either doing things for the wrong reasons, are doing things for reasons you’ve forgotten and need to remind yourself of, or you’re doing the wrong things all together.

It’s important to sit down and take an honest look at what’s important to you and what isn’t. What’s going to matter to you most in the long-term? Sure, going to the bar and having drinks and laughs with friends multiple nights a week may seem like a great way to pass the time now, but what if you instead cut it back to once a week & instead used that saved time in a more productive way — by working on your business, a side hustle you’ve been interested in that you maybe haven’t given yourself the time & space to get excited about, to work on yourself, to work out, to spend more quality time with someone you could learn a lot from, to try something new, to challenge yourself, etc. The possibilities are endless! This isn’t about being all work & no play, but the true masters of anything are typically doing things every single day. It doesn’t make a difference to them emotionally or mentally if it is a Saturday night or a Wednesday night. Hell, when I’m in the zone I have to repeatedly check the calendar because the days sort of blend. And not in the “I’m so miserable I don’t care what day it is” way but in the “Any day & Every day are just another opportunity for me to do something I’m excited about” way.

You deserve a life that is made up of more than “LIT” Friday & Saturday nights and a handful of non-weekend-days that are just the drumroll to the weekend again. You deserve a life where, if anything, you’re actually excited that it’s Monday because it means you’ll have less social distractions because most other people have to go to work or wake up early the next day, leaving you with more freedom to do what you’re really wanting to do or at least laying the foundation to get to do the things you really want to do.

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